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Dairy Tube Engineering
Dairy Tube Engineering

CNC Cutting Service & Automatic Mitre Cutting

Dairytube Engineering's CNC saw is designed for square or mitre cutting tubes, pipes, box section, rectangle and solid bars.

It is equipped with an industrial PC, which allows the machine to save clients programs and be able repeat on an on going basis. The optimization program on the CNC machine, which means different lengths can be cut out of the one length can dramatically reduces time as well as scrap material left-over.

The revolving cutting head controlled by servomotor allows for straight cuts as well as +/- 60ยบ of high precision angular cuts, multiple parts can be fed side by side or stacked, with pre-programmed and automatically sequenced cutting cycles. The high quality of the cuts is achieved by holding clamps specially designed with a high level of reliability.

Material Length Max: 7500mm
Cutting lengths: Min 8mm Max 5000mm

A deburring system is also available to remove any sharp edges left after the cutting cycle.

Cutting Samples

Multi tube cutting facility      Chips cleaning on revolving table             Special acute mitre cut

For further information on our CNC cutting service or automatic mitre cutting service please contact us.

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